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RecycledNinjaServerTester provides much of the same functionality as NinjaTest, but starts up a single Ninja test server for all tests in a Junit test class.

If you’re unit tests do not rely on a fresh server then this approach will dramatically increase the speed of your unit tests.

public class MyControllerTest extends RecycledNinjaServerTester {

    public void testThatHomepageWorks() {
        NinjaTestBrowser ninjaTestBrowser = new NinjaTestBrowser();

        // redirect will send a location: redirect in the headers
        String result = ninjaTestBrowser.makeRequest(withBaseUrl("/"));

        // If the redirect has worked we must see the following text
        // from the index screen:
        assertTrue(result.contains("Hello to the blog example!"));
        assertTrue(result.contains("My second post"));

If you want to revert back to a single Ninja test server for each test method, you can simply extend your class from FreshNinjaServerTester.