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Fluentlenium is a great tool that facilitates the usage of Selenium a lot. Selenium is the best tool to test your application on HTML level. Click on elements, submit forms, make sure CSS styles are present and so on.

Ninja integrates FluentLenium via the NinjaFluentLeniumTest. Simply extend the class and you are ready to go:

public class ApplicationControllerFluentLeniumTest extends NinjaFluentLeniumTest {

    public void testThatHomepageWorks() {

        goTo(getBaseUrl() + "/");

        System.out.println("title: " + window().title());

        assertTrue(window().title().contains("Home page"));





But FluentLenium can do a lot more. Check out

From 0.10.3 to 3.2.0

Prior to Ninja 6.0.0, FluentLenium 0.10.3 was used. Upgrading to version 3.2.0 breaks backward compatibility of older tests. If you are facing this case, you can either follow the migration guide proposed by FluentLenium ( ; or you can force your project to use the older version of FluentLenium by setting up that version in your project pom.xml dependencies.