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Java web framework

Ninja is a full stack web framework for Java. Rock solid, fast, and super productive.

Business value

Ninja makes sure that technology will not be the blocker but the enabler in your next project. Ninja helps you as product owner to deliver business value faster - in stunning high quality. We offer long term commercial support to guarantee your success.

Makes devs happy

Doesn't matter if you build huge enterprise apps or small RESTful JSON microservices. Ninja provides everything you need to get productive at once. Development, testing, deployment, refactoring and maintenance.

Rock solid

Ninja does not reinvent the wheel - instead we are standing on the shoulders of giants. Ninja is built using the most mature and solid technologies in the industry. Servlets, Guice, JPA, Flyway migrations and Maven - just to name a few.


Ninja uses the share nothing approach. Servers do not share any common session information. That means you can scale Ninja horizontally with ease.

100% Java

You get all goodies that make Java great: Excellent IDE support. A statically typed language. Huge and mature eco-system. First class testing support and much much more. Ninja is licensed under Apache 2.0 Open Source license - our codebase will be open forever.

Dev Joy

Generate a new project via our Maven archetype, import it into your favorite IDE with one click and start coding. Ninja's SuperDevMode will pick up all your code changes immediately. Features? All there: HTML, XML, JSON, JPA, caching and much more.


Ninja is fully equipped with an extensive set of test tools. Run mocked tests or integration-test your complete application on a real server. Running selenium tests? All included. Ninja tests run locally and on any continuous integration server.


Package your Ninja application as war and run it on your application server (Tomcat, Jetty...). Or create a a standalone application, copy it to your server and start it in production. Ninja is cloud ready and runs on Heroku, App Engine and many other providers.