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Modules for Ninja

Ninja can easily be extended by modules. This page contains popular modules available for Ninja. Usually the linked pages contain a short description how to setup stuff:

Runtime Platforms

Google AppEngine Support

Server Engines

Undertow standalone - alternative to Jetty

Databases and ORM

EBean RDBMS ORM support (for EBean versions <= 7.2.3)

EBean RDBMS ORM support (for EBean versions > 7.2.3)

MongoDB/Morphia Integration


Auth0 (authentication SaaS) integration

Process Engines

Activity support - light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM)

Camunda BPMN Integration - Camunda Workflow, Business Process, and Decision Management


Hazelcast Cache Implementation

Quartz Scheduler Integration

Sitemap Generator

Please feel free to add your modules to this page as pull request (ninja/ninja-core/src/site/markdown/documentation/