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Modules for Ninja

Ninja can easily be extended by modules. This page contains popular modules available for Ninja. Usually the linked pages contain a short description how to setup stuff:

Runtime Platforms

Google AppEngine Support

Server Engines

Undertow standalone - alternative to Jetty

Template Engines

Rythm templates

Mustache templates

Jade4Ninja (Jade) templates

Rocker templates

Pebble templates

Databases and ORM

EBean RDBMS ORM support (for EBean versions <= 7.2.3)

EBean RDBMS ORM support (for EBean versions > 7.2.3)

MongoDB/Morphia Integration



Auth0 (authentication SaaS) integration

Process Engines

Activity support - light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM)

Camunda BPMN Integration - Camunda Workflow, Business Process, and Decision Management

Executors and critical long lived tasks


Prometheus (metrics and exporter)

Redis (cache and pooling)

RabbitMQ (pooling and sessions)

Hazelcast Cache Implementation

Quartz Scheduler Integration

Sitemap Generator

Please feel free to add your modules to this page as pull request (ninja/ninja-core/src/site/markdown/documentation/