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Doctests allow to test and write HTML documentation at the same time. It is ideally suited to test and document JSON APIs.

public class ApiControllerDocTest extends NinjaDocTester {

    String GET_ARTICLES_URL = "/api/{username}/articles.json";
    String LOGIN_URL = "/login";

    String USER = "[email protected]";

    public void testGetAndPostArticleViaJson() throws Exception {

        sayNextSection("Retrieving articles for a user (Json)");

        say("Retrieving all articles of a user is a GET request to " + GET_ARTICLES_URL);

        Response response = sayAndMakeRequest(
                    testServerUrl().path(GET_ARTICLES_URL.replace("{username}", "[email protected]"))));

        ArticlesDto articlesDto = response.payloadAs(ArticlesDto.class);

        sayAndAssertThat("We get back all 3 articles of that user",



Doctests will generate HTML documentation into your target/site/doctester directory. In fact doctests are quite simple. sayNextSection is a headline in an HTML document. say is a paragraph in an HTML element. And whenever you are calling the doctest browser (eg via makeRequest(…)) the whole request, payload and response is nicely documented in the generated HTML file.

This is awesome and allows you to test and document at the same time with minimal effort. Simply extend NinjaDocTester and you are ready to test-drive your application…

But DocTester can do a lot more for you Please have a look at for a much more comprehensive overview.