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We offer two distinct training packages. A basic introduction course and one for advanced users and use cases. In general we are quite flexible regarding topics.

Training 1: Introduction

Covers basic concepts of Ninja. The participants should have basic knowledge in Java. The course gives participants a jump start into successful Ninja web development.

Duration is two days. The course is hands-on. Expect an exciting real world application we develop together.

Topics include:

  • Routes, Controllers and sessions
  • HTML programming / Form handling and validation
  • JSON / XML support
  • Database support
  • Deployment to live
  • Ninja and single page webapps (AngularJS and GWT).

Training 2: Advanced

The participants should have a basic knowledge of Ninja. Duration is one day.

Topics include:

  • Module development
  • Agile test setups / Jenkins integration / Different stages in you CI setup
  • Advanced logging configuration
  • Monitoring a Ninja application in production best practices
  • Database setups and migration
  • Deployment options (Resin, Jetty, Tomcat, nginx)
  • Orchestration of many teams working on the same code base

The price is calculated per participant - please contact us for more: [email protected].