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Cloud Hosting options


Hosting a Ninja application is pretty straight forward. At a very basic level you only need a Java runtime environment - then you can use Ninja’s standalone mode and you are done.

But sometimes you don’t want to host the application yourself and therefore we have compiled a list of cloud hosting providers that support Ninja.

Google App Engine

[Google’s App Engine] ( is a great hosting service provided by Google. The really cool feature is that it scales automatically. Deploy and never worry about any scaling issues - that’s the basic promise of the App Engine.

Ninja is fully compatible to the App Engine via the ninja-appengine module.

Please follow the guide at:

Heroku support

Ninja is fully supported by [Heroku] ( Check out the blog post at:

Clever Cloud

One other cloud option is [Clever Cloud] (, a Europe-based PaaS company. It supports different Java runtimes, with automatic scaling and cloud-friendly features. You can for example deploy your Ninja application directly from a [GitHub] ( public or private repository, by following these simple steps : * First, create the file clevercloud/jar.json at the root of your project

    "build": {
      "type": "maven", 
      "goal":"package -DskipTests"
    "deploy": {
      "type": "jar", 
      "jarName": "target/yourApplicationArtifactId-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar"
  • Log in on Clever Cloud using your GitHub account
  • Click on “Add an application” and select the right GitHub repository
  • Select the “Java+Jar” runtime and fill in your application properties (name…)

That’s enough to deploy a first instance of your application. And each time you will publish modifications on the repository, it will run the maven package command and use the generated fat Jar as an executable.

You can also add a database (PostgreSQL, MySQL…) to your application, by “Add an add-on” feature. Link it to your application and then use the add-on environment variables in your conf/application.conf file(using ${env:XXX} format). Some other add-ons are availalble, like an S3 file storage.


Ninja most likely runs on almost every Cloud hosting provider out there. Don’t hesitate to share your experiences with Ninja users and augment this page with your knowledge.