Class TemplateEngineFreemarker

    • Method Detail

      • invoke

        public void invoke​(Context context,
                           Result result)
        Description copied from interface: TemplateEngine
        Render the given object to the given context
        Specified by:
        invoke in interface TemplateEngine
        context - The context to render to
        result - The result to render
      • throwRenderingException

        public void throwRenderingException​(Context context,
                                            Result result,
                                            Exception cause,
                                            String knownTemplateSourcePath)
      • getContentType

        public String getContentType()
        Description copied from interface: TemplateEngine
        Get the content type this template engine renders
        Specified by:
        getContentType in interface TemplateEngine
        The content type this template engine renders
      • getSuffixOfTemplatingEngine

        public String getSuffixOfTemplatingEngine()
        Description copied from interface: TemplateEngine
        For instance returns ".ftl.html" Or .ftl.json.

        Or anything else. To display error messages in a nice way...

        But Gson for instance does not use a template to render stuff. Therefore it will return null

        Specified by:
        getSuffixOfTemplatingEngine in interface TemplateEngine
        name of suffix or null if engine is not using a template on disk.
      • getConfiguration

        public freemarker.template.Configuration getConfiguration()
        Allows to modify the FreeMarker configuration. According to the FreeMarker documentation, the configuration will be thread-safe once all settings have been set via a safe publication technique. Therefore, consider modifying this configuration only within the configure() method of your application Module singleton.
        the freemarker configuration object